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About CELT

At the Twin Cities Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT), we offer faculty development programs to nurture your growth as a Saint Mary’s educator.

Our Purpose

The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) on the Twin Cities campus is dedicated to providing a supportive community to awaken, nurture, and empower all faculty members to grow in their professional and educational role at Saint Mary’s University, Schools of Graduate and Professional Programs. CELT offers programs, which aim to:

  • Embrace the Lasallian heritage of the University
  • Plan high quality instruction for student learning at SGPP
  • Deliver effective and innovative instruction
  • Assess learning and provide feedback for growth
  • Apply ethical teaching and learning practices
  • Affirm the dignity of all students

Convenient Programming

Our programs are designed to meet your needs as faculty, who work on- and off-campus. We offer:

  • e-Friday lunchtime webinars
  • virtual and in-person workshops
  • weekend conferences
  • 6-month intensive programs
  • new faculty orientations
  • consultations

All events are free and are designed to bring you and your colleagues together to grow in community as Lasallian educators. Each year, over 300 faculty attend various events and find great value in their experiences as illustrated below.

Faculty Testimonials

I am truly grateful for the privilege to teach at Saint Mary’s and for all of the support I received from CELT.

Thanks to the CELT programs, I feel much more confident in the classroom.

New Faculty Orientation helped me feel prepared to teach.

Because of the Teaching Fellows Program, I feel more energized and willing to experiment with teaching strategies.

CELT offerings, especially the fall conference, make me feel like I’m a part of the Saint Mary’s community.